The weight of the Pink.

I have been referring to  the weight of the Pink lately. Pinks an awesome color and such a Girlie Color! well that’s what people say….. a friend of mine Said “At least your secure in your Masculinity” event though I told Him about the Jersey and showed it too him also.

To be honest at the beginning of the season I did not know a thing about Vera Bradley, the store or the foundation. I did see eyes light up though my woman friends who know About Vera Bradley. I was just happy to see Robin Farina paired up with Alison Powers on the same team and then the rest of the stacked Womans Squad that is Team Vera Bradley Foundation! Chapeau! and following @FollowHeidi on twitter for what feels like for ever as she has traversed the country speaking to thousands of people about the Foundation and Breast cancer. I understood it but didn’t understand it.

But when the Jersey came that most awesome day. It came with the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer Magazine. That is when the weight of the Pink sunk in. It wasn’t about Lance it wasn’t about Livestrong it was about supporting Women who have fought Breast Cancer and won, those who who are fighting for those who are fighting right now, and the Foundation whose one focus is beating the crap out of Breast Cancer.

But now I’m honored to wear the Jersey, Support the team, and support the Foundation. It’s not easy. It feels like I need to know Breast Cancer information cause I’m getting a lot of questions about the Pink and the Vera Bradley Foundation! and I know more are coming! I have a friend on my Facebook friends list who is a Breast Cancer Survivor of 6 years. I also remarked to her how weighty the pink was and she said  “Wouldn’t it be nice if no one had to carry the weight.” Beth B.

I didn’t see this coming, or the weight of what a color and a foundation with a cause would and will mean to so many people. And know that I can stand with My sisters and help them fight the Good fight and overcome a foe that can be Beaten!

I’ve officially worn the Jersey 3 times and I’m still getting used to it! Once the rides have started  I found my spot in the Group. And I could carry the weight of the jersey! but man! the Pink is Heavy. Looks really good though!

Chapeau to Team Vera Bradley Foundation on a sweet season victories, over alls, team ranking. and To the Vera Bradley Foundation for putting itself out More and taking up Sponsorship of a Pro Womans Cycling Team  and Baby Pro that has Carried and Honored the Foundation in many ways!

MY God!

Keep it on the street and the rubber on the road. We Got a Pink Trail to Blaze! Whose wit Me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


~ by eagle1cycling on September 3, 2010.

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