More than meets the eye

Many things have changed this year. and the year has yet to be over. Was informed on Saturday evening that there were and are more changes to come. to be honest a lot has changed for me and there are more changes to come . Transitions have more to them then that meets the eye!

The Bike will be changing soon.

 No I’m not getting a new one. after over 5 Years and 50,000 miles ridden on it. it’s getting new Parts and hopefully a new Paint Job before the end of the year.  I Would ask for color selections or Ideas but after 5 thousand revisions and Ideas on what my New color scheme would look like. the final determination of color is Black, Yellow, and Pink. The yellow and the pink will be pin striped. and its  gonna look good for sure! I did get new Shifters so those are on and I love em. Must thank Shimano for the Work and the design and craftsmanship of the stuff they put out to the cycling masses. Its worth every dollar.

In other News my plans for 2011 have changed. I was gonna go to the tour De Gila and do that stage race but something in me switched over this pass week and so we are going to France to do the Etape du Tour. I don’t know what stage of the tour that will be because it has not been chosen yet and the 2011 Tour route has not been revealed yet. I so I have to wait. but its on this winter. and the training will commence in earnest and I know it’s not gonna be easy by any means. depending on what day of weekend that falls on I might not be able to do the 24hrs of Booty which I really want to do next year! who knows. though lets see what will happen. but I need to Get out of the country for sure. Cause it’s about time. everyone is going over there so I really need to go for myself and just absorb the atmosphere that is Cycling in France! I gotta go!No Dopers allowed!

Mount Morrow Massacre October 9th. I have stayed away from that mountain for almost a year after last years miss call on the route that saw a bunch of us only finish with 77 miles. Its time for some revenge.  I am by no means in tour form. mounting a new comeback at the end of the cycling season is highly not advised. I’m even ignoring the MS150 to prep for this. I am not ready but hope to be ready by then but once I pay for it all bets are off and I gotta do it.

Then its time to focus on the off-season and get ready for 2011!


~ by eagle1cycling on September 7, 2010.

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