9/11 9 years later

For some of us like myself that day will forever been etched in our memories. I’m not trying to leave others out but the WTC is in my Home State of NY and I remember that day all to well. The second plane that Hit the second tower flew over my job at a very low altitude. Me being former military and being trained in Aircraft recognition should have known that,  that was not a C5 – A Galaxy transport plane. but I really didn’t care it was a beautiful fall morning in New York and it was normal to see a C5 flying low in preopration for Landing at Stewart Airbase. Spent the weekend with my Girlfriend at the time at her place on the upper East side. We had a wonderful weekend. then went back to upstate NY to go to work. My god that was a beautiful day.

Flashing forward to now. and I can’t forget. I have to talk about it a lot at times just to get it out of me. We hard-edged New Yorker’s are tough but even we need a place and time to let things out. it don’t make us any weaker it makes us stronger! so all you conspiracy guys are stupid, al-Qaeda will forever be stupid!  and those who try to use this day for political gains Stupid! We are here to Remember and never forget. Like Memorial Day we remember and never forget. It Was an honor for me to server in the US Military. I remember those days and will never forget. Even those who are fighting in Afghanistan and those fought the War in Iraq. Tracking down the Idiots in those two countries. They carry on the fight while we rebuild. We forever will remember you and Never forget.

At work yesterday we had a First Responder Who comes in to get a late lunch or dinner  and I usually got out of my way to give him more than he ask for.  As well as our Military. our Police Officers and Fire fighters deserve our honor and respect. NYPD and the NYFD Lost many a good Man on this Day. many were Fathers, Uncles, Cousins,Brothers, Nephews, Sons, Fiancée and the like. So honor them for their service to your country when you get a chance!

I would have stayed home today to honor just to get lost in the day and to remember and be thankful, but I watched part of the memorial Service from NYC online. sat through many a names being read of those who died on this day 9 years ago. and it was a fresh reminder of the lives lost but I chose not to stay indoors so I headed to Ultimate Bicycle to get in my hang out time at my other Favorite Bike Shop. To be honest as I ventured out it felt like Charlotte, NC. totally forgot. the streets were full and busy and I could not find a flag to salute as I rode my bike. whether tin triumph or tragedy or memoria if you have a chance to Honor those who have fallen or those who have served with a mere Salute as a flag waves do it. It wont go un noticed. that’s Just my feeling.

But I am a New Yorker, and I Am and American. My God Bless you all and May God Bless America! And continue to pray for the Families of those who lost their Loved ones on 9/11!


~ by eagle1cycling on September 12, 2010.

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