On the eve of the second Epic Ride

it is friday and the lead in into this ride has been less than stellar and by some reason or bt some chance I have a good peace about what I am about to do. 125 miles on what will be a good day with a whole host of good friends doing the ride is really all that matters. But I have a task to do and a cause to finish and an ending to rewrite. The mount morrow massacre needs to be beaten and I really don’t know if I’m up for it to tell you the truth. this will be the most epic thing of the weekend for me. I might get to walk into something Majestic but its all about things being Epic Right now and that’s the direction that matters to me the “Epic Direction” my thoughts can be weird but that’s just who I am and how I think. Tomorrows ride is epic and challenging and I know it will challenge me. will I do what I normally do. Live at the front of the Peleton or will I sit in the middle or the back of the pack and let others do the work. I would put a poll on here but really I have made up my mind already I’m sitting in for most of the Day.

I had Allison Powers in the back of my mind as I made this decision because of what I saw at the Presby Crit and having the pleasure of riding with her on a group Ride the next Day!  (Personal Note Team Vera Bradley Foundation Rocks!) She sat at the or near the back of the Peleton untill it was time to come to the front or she was in the right place to be in the right break at the right time! But its true with bike racing placement is everything and I hate getting caught out and missing the break that just might work. I pulled that off one day with three other companions and succeeded a few traffic lights helped that day cause I was hurting.

I have no duties to anyone tomorrow I’m a virtual unknown. although everyone mostly will know me. my decisions will make or break my ride but no need to be a hot head break away specialist untill the end when its gonna count. ha-ha that wont happen but I’m gonna have fun. 125 miles of Fun you might think I’m crazy but my legs are ready. my mind is ready and time has been waiting for me!  Its time to do something Epic again and I’m ready for it!

Shaloam may the roads provide us with good forune and Good Speed!


~ by eagle1cycling on October 8, 2010.

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