The Epic Cycling Ending

“I aint as good as I once was but I’m good once as I ever was” Toby Keith

125 miles Mt Morrow Massacre was. Late was my start which made for a long day. Saw deer and got chased by dogs twice on the route. If I remember correctly there is a leash Law in North Carolina but People in the country don’t seem to like to honor that. Have no clue why…..

Missed the start. Did a crazy chase down, then decided to set my own pace. Smart move considering the mileage ahead. I was dead last on the road. Had support vehicles keeping an eye on me. Now i’m a big boy and that was cool and a wee bit weird but it was welcomed for sure

The Lonely Rd

 the picture to the left is all I saw for most of the day by myself.

Not like I really needed time to myself but it was well deserved. I stopped at more restops than I ever had. They were like every 20 miles which worked really well as for some reason I had brought only 1 water bottle. I was a Gatorade drinking fool let me tell you. People kept giving me reports at the rest stops on people who were a head of me and even the front group. Honestly that’s what kept me going cause I wanted to turn around and go home. Well that was the thought a few times. I caught 2 guys one had a mechanical. And didn’t have anything to help Him. All he really needed was a tube! and then I passed 2 people outside a convenience store in somebody town didn’t know they were on the ride so I kept going. the two guys at the convince store caught up with me as I took my leg warmers off. Then caught back on to their wheel. 
Caught a few more guys at one rest stop. They were not going fast enough so I left them. A wee bit rude but I was not planning to be the Lantern Rouge all day. Not gonna happen. Well so I thought. I hit the base of the mountain Tired but my climbing legs kicked in cramped up before the hair pin turn but got back on and made it to the top! 
At the Top
It was bitter-sweet considering I needed to go another 60 something miles home back to the start. That was when reality kicked in.  I was gonna ride with a group cause they said they were gonna ride slow…. little did I know their slow was gonna be faster than my slow so I kicked it back but I was hurting by now it was just long and open lonely roads. I even had time to take pictures of Horses!  for @Shaunasmash since she like taking pictures of Cows lol
They were a welcome sight for sure. But the push was on to get to the next rest stop.  Had to make it. Felt like crap, legs were not turning over well, almost quit but pushed on. Had two more companions join me which was supposed to help me but a detour on the route just killed my motivation. Country detours Suck to be honest with you  of they were not with me I would have found away to get to the other side. I almost caught up with my companions again but a Cramp! The 2nd of the day  derailed that Idea. But I made it to the rest stop and called it quits at mile 90  and got sagged back to the start.  I’ve never called it quits before on a ride of this magnitude ever. But I managed to do what I had set out to do. 90 miles is an accomplishment under the circumstance of the day but next year its Game On! for sure. I will survive and live strong I’m gonna wear the Pink next year because Robin Farina Smoked everyone that day!
 It was a really good ride. the Weather was Beautiful and even Perfect. Next year though it’s on and I will be ready. Robin will be defending champion if she returns next year to defend! But i wont be able to beat her lol. Shes just too Good! but my legs are still recovering from saturday. 2011 no slouching will be allowed we got a major goal and a lot of work to do first stop Rock Hill Road Race in April. I like that course. But well I will talk about 2011 later. Now I gotta get through the rest of the year.

~ by eagle1cycling on October 14, 2010.

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  1. I like taking pictures of ANIMALS, not just cows! 🙂 I am a city girl, so farm animals are strangely exciting to see…. love the blog though. Keep it up!

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