The Page Turn

Hmm… Not sure where to start at the moment. October was a very weird month. even with the dissapearence of my #1 trusted Steed of a Road Bike. October was a weird month. and considering that Uptown Cycles is keeping me going and that Ultimate Bicycle is helping me put the Trek back together. its been a weird Month. The highs and the lows are tremendous. And also considering we have been put to the task of finding a new Job. To be honest that has not been easy!

 There are things that need to get done in this season and then there are things that must be started. All of this may sound very vague but it has to be for right now. One of my plans looks forward to 2012 or even closer than that just need the right team to pull it off. The other one is still in the developement stage  and its a project I am glad to be apart of. There are some other things yet to come.

I have to Give a shout out To Robin Farina, Alison Powers, Lisa Hunt, Carrie Cash Wooten, Toni Bradshaw and the rest of the ladies of Team Vera Bradley Foundation for their 3rd place Team ranking in the NRC for 2010.

Will Miss Vera Bradley Foundation as a Sponsor for Womans cycling next Year. They took a chance and I know the response was over whelming for sure. But they came to play and spread the Message. And the word Got out. 

 Being one of the few who have the Team Jersey will still be proud to Support the Vera Bradley Foundation as they push forward in their quest to #BeatCancer. Man it was a really good cycling year and I am ready for 2011. Well getting ready I got a lot of catching up to do for sure! Am Not letting Alison Powers attack of my rear wheel again! Love you Alison your awesome!

So my 2011 right now is such a clean slate and the direction are way too numerous to count one thing for sure is that I will continue to support Womans Cycling in the US as much as I can. Its something we all need to do!

Advocacy is also on the Table. being apart of the Charlotte Area bike Alliance has been very important thing for me the last few years. And even being on the Board of Directors as well has been super huge for me. I have met new People, shared stories with people and am driven to make Charlotte a more Bike friendly City then it is. although for the record I do take most cities by the horns when I ride my bike through them. but it’s not all about me or the bike. It’s about everyone else

Taken before the Ride of Silence

We gotta make our roads here safer for all of us to enjoy! I didn’t think I was gonna be as political as i have been ever but this has been that kind of year for sure. way too many cyclist are getting hit and or getting killed on Our watch and that has to change. So please support any cycling advocacy groups in your are that you can find and just be apart of Changing lives.

One More thing. Congrats to my Friend and Brother Joseph Frye. He Got married this Month to a Little short Lady named Heather Krook. She came from out of no where  and now they are Married. So I wish them all the Best. I would say that I’m next but I just don’t know when. But untill Next time America and everyone else. Enjoy and have Fun. And Get on your Bike and Ride!


~ by eagle1cycling on November 4, 2010.

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