A New Script!

If I could write a script for my life i would have no Idea how to do that. Nor would I ever want to. The change that has come to me and am in now has to be on the scale of massive. And although I can look the thing straight in the eyes am just totally unsure which way to go next. I guess its time to Change course! Not like I want to but more on the lines of because I have too to get through this semi rough period. Starting over and rebuilding again aint easy. 

So I’m gonna change the tone here because its been a good week thus far! I made a new friend this past weekend which was really Cool. Brandi is Her Name and she came out of no where. Must thank Weldon haha. He done good anyway. But anyway the girl can ride a bike. Me the old school guy was super impressed she got get up, and power, and she rides really steady. I was happy. Oh and she climbed well another plus! Now I had a planned route to get to Lowes Motor Speedway for the Big stampede this past Sunday. Well she raise the ante and took me on a route that one of the Professors at UNCC gave her to bike to Campus in the university area. So what was 15 miles ended up being 18 miles of which my legs needed I almost got us lost like once. Realised the mistake and then turned around and headed the right way. honestly it felt good having someone to ride with. Had to reign in the normal me that rides by myself and actually think about someone else whose riding with me!. Ahh I miss leading group rides……

The stampede was fun Got to see. Catching up with friends i have not seen in a while is always a good thing. I’m not gonna drop names this time around but it was a good time!

Now for some reason the fact that I like to ride fast came up out of Brandies  mouth a few time. to be honest I like to go fast but this is my off rebuilding season so I was happy to chillax as much as you can with a 12 Speed bike of the steel variety. That bike reminds me of how much i love to climb though. Although on the way home. Brandi got me good a couple of times. index shifting has its advantages for sure!. Now one day soon she and I are supposed to ride together again. Just gotta work around her schedule! 

Poplar Ridge Farms.

The long wait was over and yesterday I was able to receive my free bag of fresh Veggies from Poplar Ridge Farms that I won through a Blynk Organic 2nd anniversary contest this past October. That was totally cool. It was the first time in a really long time that I was able to just enjoy Organically grown vegetables for my self. Fresh from the farm. Clean perfect and sweet! man it was good. I grabbed a few of the greens and just ate them straight raw not cooked or anything. Man it was So good. I can see why vegans and vegetarians are the way they are but I’m not giving up meat. That I do need. must say sorry to my vegetarian friends but meat is worth is, and a necessary thing to have especially in my sport of choice! so I’m gonna have a good time munching on the veggies for as long as I can cause they are just so Good. and next year become a member of Poplar Ridge farms so I can get Fresh Veggies from them for most of the year. Thats an investment that will be worth it for sure!

Checl out their sight the link is to the right!



~ by eagle1cycling on November 11, 2010.

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