Into the New Year

I was going to post a blog last month but chose not too. December just kept rolling and rolling along and here it is January 2011.  And now I am trying to get on top of stuff. January Starts off with Me Being alive  and well! Spending time with Friends to bring in the New year and making new friends in the process. 2011 was a year of making new friends for sure. Gotta Love em all! God is Awesome! 1st major victory of the year  Passing the US Cycling lvl. 3 coaching test. I cant tell you how important that was to just pass the thing. which also puts me at ease for Message School coming up but  wont have 4 opportunities to pass the thing. But to be fair if I was still in school I would have passed all 4 times anyway but the USCF really wanted to make sure we passed the test with a decent standard. So its done and passed.  now to get the back ground check done and Paid for and the licence fee  and all should go well. its Time for me to be apart and Give back to the sport that brings me a whole lot of joy.

there are a few other things in the works for me for 2011. I will continue to support Woman’s Cycling on all levels cause it must be done a few events during the 2010 season has driven me in that direction.  Cancer and Specifically Breast Cancer. and this was a year of discovery because i heard enough stories of  Women getting Breast Cancer this year. Staggering yet amazing but heart breaking at the same time. it was a challenge for me to come back from breaking my Hip. I really should not comepare the two but there is life and death in both of these situations or a loss of a limb or something that is apart of us.But I’m on the kicking breast Cancer in the Behind Cause. our Sisters and Mothers and friends do not need to be fighting with that monster.

Flashing Back to 2010 for a moment I gotta Give a massive shout out to the Ladies of the Team Vera Bradly Foundation. although Vera Bradly Foundation did not re up for 2011 it was a honor supporting the team and their successes. I enjoyed it for sure and all though the Ladies have found other teams I will be keeping an eve on them for sure!  2011 is gonna be a hot year. I know I have more to say but that will be in another post tomorrow.  So everyone enjoy the start of a new year and a new decade!


~ by eagle1cycling on January 6, 2011.

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