Its Not Over!

January is rolling and now is almost over. This month is the month of preparation for everything in the world. Visions are cast for the rest of the year in this month. Businesses form their projections for the year in this month. So we know what goes on in January!

Before I get to the meat of this blog post, you all know I love to give Shout outs. This months Shout Outs go to Hunter Stephenson, Kevin Burgess, and the Junior Queen of them all Addy Alberhardt! They are growing up and going places, and their cycling prowess is unmatched and I am proud to have them in and apart of my Life and all Love and respect to their Parents and support Structure as they continue to Ride, Train, and Kick some serious Booty in the Junior Cycling World and in cycling in the Future!

With that said

Its not over and things have just started to change for everyone. I need to digress though for a moment. The loss of Carla Swart has been tremendous and the out pouring has been heart warming. Even if you never met her and just watched her Race or checked out her Palmeres. The Little Red Head Lady was on her way Up! And you just knew that you were gonna have a hard time trying to catch her when the wind was at her back. She was an original Woman with a massive gifting and talent. Ride on Carla we are right behind you!

From the many teams she raced on to the people she impacted her life is a Testament to achieving and succeeding.

Many will miss Her but the wind that was at her back is still blowing! Who will catch that wind she was riding and take off?  To all the Women who ride and Race bikes Who will Step up and Fill Carla’s Spot?

Donate to the Carla’s Circle Fund

Carla Swart Memorial Scholarship

Lees-McRae College (note Carla Swart Scholarship in the memo line)

Office of Advancement

P.O. Box 128

Banner Elk, NC 28604

With questions about the scholarship, please contact Caroline Hart, vice president for advancement, at (828) 898-8777.

Lets take Care of our Own!

Remember and never forget as we all get down to the Fun and the Business of the 2011 race season.  Support the Ladies this year !


~ by eagle1cycling on January 24, 2011.

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