Its Not Over Part 2

An old friend has returned to action! The Trek has returned to the Road. There have been Many have been apart of this rebuild and I thank all of them for sure. this could not have happened without them And My two Favorite Bike shops as well Uptown Cycles and Ultimate Bicycle! There is still much left to be done.

In other news.

After the crazy snows we have had since the start of the year I can smell spring. i can smell other things as well but it looks like spring will return soon to the south so that life can return back to normal. I say that because there is so much that is going to be happening for a lot of people that getting a jump on the things that need to be accomplished and or started is a must.

Haha its a Good day today for sure.

I totally missed someone very special and I call her My Sister aka the Sunshine Girl!well for some awesome and wonderful reason we have been reconnected which is sweet! she’s killing it on the bike, running like a fool, and lord know what else but mann.. she might be super far away but its okay for now. She has said that she was gonna return when it gets warmer. That I do believe. My legs need to be ready cause I have a feeling that I’m gonna be chasing her! its a pleasure to have her back though. Its not like she left but she just got a hold of the wind and headed into a new direction

The Sun Shine Girl

She will Kill me though for showing this picture but I don’t think she’s gonna drive all the way down here to do it. the TT bike she is on is being sold. and she has returned to the Road!

Its Not Over!



There are other people I could mention right now. Some that have Just been Super amazing and that I love dearly! but maybe another time.


Oh one more thing I got to Address the MTC and the Mayor and CATS yesterday! And for those not from Charlotte or in Charlotte who have no clue about what I’m talking about. the MTC = Metropolitan Transportation Commission. CATS = Charlotte area Transit System. It was fun I was nervous!. 3 minuets was enough to say what I needed to say and then convey the over all feeling that I had for the Blue Line Extension. I was not Nervous. I had fun and was well received! in the end the MTC  approved the changed for the Blue Line Extension so it was a good night!

So that’s whats up now time to fight for some more victories!


~ by eagle1cycling on January 27, 2011.

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