March! Who would have thought…..

Asn I’m writing this its almost time for Bicycle Radio. The weather is super Crappy outside and tomorrow is supposed to be super beautiful and windy! Did I mention that we have had sweet weather down here lost of 60’s 70’s degrees Lately and April is not here yet. So am taking advantage of this warm weather to kick start this cycling season earlier then I wanted too but oh well. must take advantage of it for sure.

The Cycling Season has started in mass and I am paying attention to the men as much as I am women this year. Did not see that coming. I came out of the winter slumber spinning like Mad but with no Power, but thats changing really quickly. Have not had a chance to rock the Pink but new Colors have arrived. Well new old Colors have arrived that I look Good in now. oh and I sold some bikes as well! Super Happy about that! getting into the buisness side of cycling is not easy.

I know I talk about cycling a lot. that’s just me. Its what I am Passionate about very passionate about for sure. One super Notable happening this Month though. I got to see My Super Sister/ Friend/ Sandy K. She up and Jetted to the mountains and I had not seen her for a good long while. She looked super wonderfully Good. I missed her though so it was really Good to see her. Shes supposed to write me a thing to post on here about a new Store in Greenville SC called Pedal Chic ( Will Post the Link to the right) I think I need to remind her. Thats My Sandy Miss her already. Ten Minuets bicycle Radio! yea. I should have tweeted that. maybe I will. I gotta send some love out to my friend Brandie M. as well shes awesome  that’s all I can say. gotta bribe her to make me some cookies.

So far this has been the year of Small successes and I know there are more to come.

Will Blog tomorrow !!!!


~ by eagle1cycling on March 16, 2011.

One Response to “March! Who would have thought…..”

    robin bylenga had a dream of supporting women’s cycling while maintaining a sense of fashion! let me tell you walking into pedal chic is not like walking into any other cycling shop! with a full duty mechanic on staff robin has found a way to make you feel sexy while trying on cycling shorts!!!!! who would have thought that was ever going to be possible! not tomention she carries giordana (theresa dawson you rock) terry après velo and castelli!!!! I encourage every woman to follow their dreams cycling related or not…’ve got a friend and fashion forward place to pedal on into!

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