The Page Turn

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Hmm… Not sure where to start at the moment. October was a very weird month. even with the dissapearence of my #1 trusted Steed of a Road Bike. October was a weird month. and considering that Uptown Cycles is keeping me going and that Ultimate Bicycle is helping me put the Trek back together. its been a weird Month. The highs and the lows are tremendous. And also considering we have been put to the task of finding a new Job. To be honest that has not been easy!

 There are things that need to get done in this season and then there are things that must be started. All of this may sound very vague but it has to be for right now. One of my plans looks forward to 2012 or even closer than that just need the right team to pull it off. The other one is still in the developement stage  and its a project I am glad to be apart of. There are some other things yet to come.

I have to Give a shout out To Robin Farina, Alison Powers, Lisa Hunt, Carrie Cash Wooten, Toni Bradshaw and the rest of the ladies of Team Vera Bradley Foundation for their 3rd place Team ranking in the NRC for 2010.

Will Miss Vera Bradley Foundation as a Sponsor for Womans cycling next Year. They took a chance and I know the response was over whelming for sure. But they came to play and spread the Message. And the word Got out. 

 Being one of the few who have the Team Jersey will still be proud to Support the Vera Bradley Foundation as they push forward in their quest to #BeatCancer. Man it was a really good cycling year and I am ready for 2011. Well getting ready I got a lot of catching up to do for sure! Am Not letting Alison Powers attack of my rear wheel again! Love you Alison your awesome!

So my 2011 right now is such a clean slate and the direction are way too numerous to count one thing for sure is that I will continue to support Womans Cycling in the US as much as I can. Its something we all need to do!

Advocacy is also on the Table. being apart of the Charlotte Area bike Alliance has been very important thing for me the last few years. And even being on the Board of Directors as well has been super huge for me. I have met new People, shared stories with people and am driven to make Charlotte a more Bike friendly City then it is. although for the record I do take most cities by the horns when I ride my bike through them. but it’s not all about me or the bike. It’s about everyone else

Taken before the Ride of Silence

We gotta make our roads here safer for all of us to enjoy! I didn’t think I was gonna be as political as i have been ever but this has been that kind of year for sure. way too many cyclist are getting hit and or getting killed on Our watch and that has to change. So please support any cycling advocacy groups in your are that you can find and just be apart of Changing lives.

One More thing. Congrats to my Friend and Brother Joseph Frye. He Got married this Month to a Little short Lady named Heather Krook. She came from out of no where  and now they are Married. So I wish them all the Best. I would say that I’m next but I just don’t know when. But untill Next time America and everyone else. Enjoy and have Fun. And Get on your Bike and Ride!


The Epic Cycling Ending

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“I aint as good as I once was but I’m good once as I ever was” Toby Keith

125 miles Mt Morrow Massacre was. Late was my start which made for a long day. Saw deer and got chased by dogs twice on the route. If I remember correctly there is a leash Law in North Carolina but People in the country don’t seem to like to honor that. Have no clue why…..

Missed the start. Did a crazy chase down, then decided to set my own pace. Smart move considering the mileage ahead. I was dead last on the road. Had support vehicles keeping an eye on me. Now i’m a big boy and that was cool and a wee bit weird but it was welcomed for sure

The Lonely Rd

 the picture to the left is all I saw for most of the day by myself.

Not like I really needed time to myself but it was well deserved. I stopped at more restops than I ever had. They were like every 20 miles which worked really well as for some reason I had brought only 1 water bottle. I was a Gatorade drinking fool let me tell you. People kept giving me reports at the rest stops on people who were a head of me and even the front group. Honestly that’s what kept me going cause I wanted to turn around and go home. Well that was the thought a few times. I caught 2 guys one had a mechanical. And didn’t have anything to help Him. All he really needed was a tube! and then I passed 2 people outside a convenience store in somebody town didn’t know they were on the ride so I kept going. the two guys at the convince store caught up with me as I took my leg warmers off. Then caught back on to their wheel. 
Caught a few more guys at one rest stop. They were not going fast enough so I left them. A wee bit rude but I was not planning to be the Lantern Rouge all day. Not gonna happen. Well so I thought. I hit the base of the mountain Tired but my climbing legs kicked in cramped up before the hair pin turn but got back on and made it to the top! 
At the Top
It was bitter-sweet considering I needed to go another 60 something miles home back to the start. That was when reality kicked in.  I was gonna ride with a group cause they said they were gonna ride slow…. little did I know their slow was gonna be faster than my slow so I kicked it back but I was hurting by now it was just long and open lonely roads. I even had time to take pictures of Horses!  for @Shaunasmash since she like taking pictures of Cows lol
They were a welcome sight for sure. But the push was on to get to the next rest stop.  Had to make it. Felt like crap, legs were not turning over well, almost quit but pushed on. Had two more companions join me which was supposed to help me but a detour on the route just killed my motivation. Country detours Suck to be honest with you  of they were not with me I would have found away to get to the other side. I almost caught up with my companions again but a Cramp! The 2nd of the day  derailed that Idea. But I made it to the rest stop and called it quits at mile 90  and got sagged back to the start.  I’ve never called it quits before on a ride of this magnitude ever. But I managed to do what I had set out to do. 90 miles is an accomplishment under the circumstance of the day but next year its Game On! for sure. I will survive and live strong I’m gonna wear the Pink next year because Robin Farina Smoked everyone that day!
 It was a really good ride. the Weather was Beautiful and even Perfect. Next year though it’s on and I will be ready. Robin will be defending champion if she returns next year to defend! But i wont be able to beat her lol. Shes just too Good! but my legs are still recovering from saturday. 2011 no slouching will be allowed we got a major goal and a lot of work to do first stop Rock Hill Road Race in April. I like that course. But well I will talk about 2011 later. Now I gotta get through the rest of the year.

On the eve of the second Epic Ride

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it is friday and the lead in into this ride has been less than stellar and by some reason or bt some chance I have a good peace about what I am about to do. 125 miles on what will be a good day with a whole host of good friends doing the ride is really all that matters. But I have a task to do and a cause to finish and an ending to rewrite. The mount morrow massacre needs to be beaten and I really don’t know if I’m up for it to tell you the truth. this will be the most epic thing of the weekend for me. I might get to walk into something Majestic but its all about things being Epic Right now and that’s the direction that matters to me the “Epic Direction” my thoughts can be weird but that’s just who I am and how I think. Tomorrows ride is epic and challenging and I know it will challenge me. will I do what I normally do. Live at the front of the Peleton or will I sit in the middle or the back of the pack and let others do the work. I would put a poll on here but really I have made up my mind already I’m sitting in for most of the Day.

I had Allison Powers in the back of my mind as I made this decision because of what I saw at the Presby Crit and having the pleasure of riding with her on a group Ride the next Day!  (Personal Note Team Vera Bradley Foundation Rocks!) She sat at the or near the back of the Peleton untill it was time to come to the front or she was in the right place to be in the right break at the right time! But its true with bike racing placement is everything and I hate getting caught out and missing the break that just might work. I pulled that off one day with three other companions and succeeded a few traffic lights helped that day cause I was hurting.

I have no duties to anyone tomorrow I’m a virtual unknown. although everyone mostly will know me. my decisions will make or break my ride but no need to be a hot head break away specialist untill the end when its gonna count. ha-ha that wont happen but I’m gonna have fun. 125 miles of Fun you might think I’m crazy but my legs are ready. my mind is ready and time has been waiting for me!  Its time to do something Epic again and I’m ready for it!

Shaloam may the roads provide us with good forune and Good Speed!

Gotta finish what you start

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The finish line never really means your done it just lets you know that you got to work more and harder to win again. But when you start something you gotta finish it

9/11 9 years later

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For some of us like myself that day will forever been etched in our memories. I’m not trying to leave others out but the WTC is in my Home State of NY and I remember that day all to well. The second plane that Hit the second tower flew over my job at a very low altitude. Me being former military and being trained in Aircraft recognition should have known that,  that was not a C5 – A Galaxy transport plane. but I really didn’t care it was a beautiful fall morning in New York and it was normal to see a C5 flying low in preopration for Landing at Stewart Airbase. Spent the weekend with my Girlfriend at the time at her place on the upper East side. We had a wonderful weekend. then went back to upstate NY to go to work. My god that was a beautiful day.

Flashing forward to now. and I can’t forget. I have to talk about it a lot at times just to get it out of me. We hard-edged New Yorker’s are tough but even we need a place and time to let things out. it don’t make us any weaker it makes us stronger! so all you conspiracy guys are stupid, al-Qaeda will forever be stupid!  and those who try to use this day for political gains Stupid! We are here to Remember and never forget. Like Memorial Day we remember and never forget. It Was an honor for me to server in the US Military. I remember those days and will never forget. Even those who are fighting in Afghanistan and those fought the War in Iraq. Tracking down the Idiots in those two countries. They carry on the fight while we rebuild. We forever will remember you and Never forget.

At work yesterday we had a First Responder Who comes in to get a late lunch or dinner  and I usually got out of my way to give him more than he ask for.  As well as our Military. our Police Officers and Fire fighters deserve our honor and respect. NYPD and the NYFD Lost many a good Man on this Day. many were Fathers, Uncles, Cousins,Brothers, Nephews, Sons, Fiancée and the like. So honor them for their service to your country when you get a chance!

I would have stayed home today to honor just to get lost in the day and to remember and be thankful, but I watched part of the memorial Service from NYC online. sat through many a names being read of those who died on this day 9 years ago. and it was a fresh reminder of the lives lost but I chose not to stay indoors so I headed to Ultimate Bicycle to get in my hang out time at my other Favorite Bike Shop. To be honest as I ventured out it felt like Charlotte, NC. totally forgot. the streets were full and busy and I could not find a flag to salute as I rode my bike. whether tin triumph or tragedy or memoria if you have a chance to Honor those who have fallen or those who have served with a mere Salute as a flag waves do it. It wont go un noticed. that’s Just my feeling.

But I am a New Yorker, and I Am and American. My God Bless you all and May God Bless America! And continue to pray for the Families of those who lost their Loved ones on 9/11!

More than meets the eye

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Many things have changed this year. and the year has yet to be over. Was informed on Saturday evening that there were and are more changes to come. to be honest a lot has changed for me and there are more changes to come . Transitions have more to them then that meets the eye!

The Bike will be changing soon.

 No I’m not getting a new one. after over 5 Years and 50,000 miles ridden on it. it’s getting new Parts and hopefully a new Paint Job before the end of the year.  I Would ask for color selections or Ideas but after 5 thousand revisions and Ideas on what my New color scheme would look like. the final determination of color is Black, Yellow, and Pink. The yellow and the pink will be pin striped. and its  gonna look good for sure! I did get new Shifters so those are on and I love em. Must thank Shimano for the Work and the design and craftsmanship of the stuff they put out to the cycling masses. Its worth every dollar.

In other News my plans for 2011 have changed. I was gonna go to the tour De Gila and do that stage race but something in me switched over this pass week and so we are going to France to do the Etape du Tour. I don’t know what stage of the tour that will be because it has not been chosen yet and the 2011 Tour route has not been revealed yet. I so I have to wait. but its on this winter. and the training will commence in earnest and I know it’s not gonna be easy by any means. depending on what day of weekend that falls on I might not be able to do the 24hrs of Booty which I really want to do next year! who knows. though lets see what will happen. but I need to Get out of the country for sure. Cause it’s about time. everyone is going over there so I really need to go for myself and just absorb the atmosphere that is Cycling in France! I gotta go!No Dopers allowed!

Mount Morrow Massacre October 9th. I have stayed away from that mountain for almost a year after last years miss call on the route that saw a bunch of us only finish with 77 miles. Its time for some revenge.  I am by no means in tour form. mounting a new comeback at the end of the cycling season is highly not advised. I’m even ignoring the MS150 to prep for this. I am not ready but hope to be ready by then but once I pay for it all bets are off and I gotta do it.

Then its time to focus on the off-season and get ready for 2011!

The weight of the Pink.

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I have been referring to  the weight of the Pink lately. Pinks an awesome color and such a Girlie Color! well that’s what people say….. a friend of mine Said “At least your secure in your Masculinity” event though I told Him about the Jersey and showed it too him also.

To be honest at the beginning of the season I did not know a thing about Vera Bradley, the store or the foundation. I did see eyes light up though my woman friends who know About Vera Bradley. I was just happy to see Robin Farina paired up with Alison Powers on the same team and then the rest of the stacked Womans Squad that is Team Vera Bradley Foundation! Chapeau! and following @FollowHeidi on twitter for what feels like for ever as she has traversed the country speaking to thousands of people about the Foundation and Breast cancer. I understood it but didn’t understand it.

But when the Jersey came that most awesome day. It came with the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer Magazine. That is when the weight of the Pink sunk in. It wasn’t about Lance it wasn’t about Livestrong it was about supporting Women who have fought Breast Cancer and won, those who who are fighting for those who are fighting right now, and the Foundation whose one focus is beating the crap out of Breast Cancer.

But now I’m honored to wear the Jersey, Support the team, and support the Foundation. It’s not easy. It feels like I need to know Breast Cancer information cause I’m getting a lot of questions about the Pink and the Vera Bradley Foundation! and I know more are coming! I have a friend on my Facebook friends list who is a Breast Cancer Survivor of 6 years. I also remarked to her how weighty the pink was and she said  “Wouldn’t it be nice if no one had to carry the weight.” Beth B.

I didn’t see this coming, or the weight of what a color and a foundation with a cause would and will mean to so many people. And know that I can stand with My sisters and help them fight the Good fight and overcome a foe that can be Beaten!

I’ve officially worn the Jersey 3 times and I’m still getting used to it! Once the rides have started  I found my spot in the Group. And I could carry the weight of the jersey! but man! the Pink is Heavy. Looks really good though!

Chapeau to Team Vera Bradley Foundation on a sweet season victories, over alls, team ranking. and To the Vera Bradley Foundation for putting itself out More and taking up Sponsorship of a Pro Womans Cycling Team  and Baby Pro that has Carried and Honored the Foundation in many ways!

MY God!

Keep it on the street and the rubber on the road. We Got a Pink Trail to Blaze! Whose wit Me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!