March! who would have thought…… part 2

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Before I start please support Japanese Tsunami relief efforts! Like some of our rides Which have been Epic. The devastation is epic as well! but our ability to give and help our fellow man has to be greater then the Epic event that has happened!

Switching directions this is becoming the Woman’s Year!. I’ve noticed it way more then I thought I would. I’ve caught the bug on it this year as well. In terms of cycling this is the year of Change for women from Cycle cross, Track Cycling, Mountain biking, and Road riding as well. But every once and a while something just drops in my lap.  I wish that I could say that this place was in Charlotte but its not. it has landed in Greenville, SC. The place is Called Pedal Chic!

“Pedal Chic is the only women-specific cycling and athletic boutique in the Southeast, offering an unparalleled selection of apparel for the female athlete, cyclist, urban commuter, and yogi, as well as lifestyle/comfort wear in an upscale, boutique environment.”

“Pedal Chic is THE destination for active women shopping for contemporary, stylish, and high-performance cycling, fitness, and lifestyle apparel. From “city bikes” and commuter accessories  to athletic intimate apparel Pedal Chic outfits every woman from head to toe.”

(Quoted from the Pedal Chic website!)

If it was not for My Sweet Sis Miss Sandy I would not have known about this at all. and by all accounts the reviews and comments are off the Charts as well. So to Pedal Chic founder and owner Robin Bylenga, Keep the rubber on the road! Keep the Boutique smelling sweet and all the Ladies head on over to Greenville, SC. and get your shopping on!

they are also on Facebook  and Twitter as well


Okay back to the action of things

Get out and ride that Bike. Now is the time. Charlotte is so on the Warm up Spring is officially here for real now. I cant for see any cold snaps but you never know. this weekend is gonna be Jacked with rides and a few races as well. But even though it will be a very Long St Pattys Day weekend Starting tomorrowit will also be the Adam Little Memorial weekend as well.

The Memorial ride and Sevice is tomorrow morning and the Adam Little Memorial Race Weekend is the 18th and the 19th. So get out and Be there. itwill be an awesome weekend!

Adam Little Memorial Race Registration

Adam Little Memorial Service and ride

So with all that Enjoy Your weekend.

Get on your Bikes and Ride and Please Be safe!



March! Who would have thought…..

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Asn I’m writing this its almost time for Bicycle Radio. The weather is super Crappy outside and tomorrow is supposed to be super beautiful and windy! Did I mention that we have had sweet weather down here lost of 60’s 70’s degrees Lately and April is not here yet. So am taking advantage of this warm weather to kick start this cycling season earlier then I wanted too but oh well. must take advantage of it for sure.

The Cycling Season has started in mass and I am paying attention to the men as much as I am women this year. Did not see that coming. I came out of the winter slumber spinning like Mad but with no Power, but thats changing really quickly. Have not had a chance to rock the Pink but new Colors have arrived. Well new old Colors have arrived that I look Good in now. oh and I sold some bikes as well! Super Happy about that! getting into the buisness side of cycling is not easy.

I know I talk about cycling a lot. that’s just me. Its what I am Passionate about very passionate about for sure. One super Notable happening this Month though. I got to see My Super Sister/ Friend/ Sandy K. She up and Jetted to the mountains and I had not seen her for a good long while. She looked super wonderfully Good. I missed her though so it was really Good to see her. Shes supposed to write me a thing to post on here about a new Store in Greenville SC called Pedal Chic ( Will Post the Link to the right) I think I need to remind her. Thats My Sandy Miss her already. Ten Minuets bicycle Radio! yea. I should have tweeted that. maybe I will. I gotta send some love out to my friend Brandie M. as well shes awesome  that’s all I can say. gotta bribe her to make me some cookies.

So far this has been the year of Small successes and I know there are more to come.

Will Blog tomorrow !!!!

Its Not Over Part 2

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An old friend has returned to action! The Trek has returned to the Road. There have been Many have been apart of this rebuild and I thank all of them for sure. this could not have happened without them And My two Favorite Bike shops as well Uptown Cycles and Ultimate Bicycle! There is still much left to be done.

In other news.

After the crazy snows we have had since the start of the year I can smell spring. i can smell other things as well but it looks like spring will return soon to the south so that life can return back to normal. I say that because there is so much that is going to be happening for a lot of people that getting a jump on the things that need to be accomplished and or started is a must.

Haha its a Good day today for sure.

I totally missed someone very special and I call her My Sister aka the Sunshine Girl!well for some awesome and wonderful reason we have been reconnected which is sweet! she’s killing it on the bike, running like a fool, and lord know what else but mann.. she might be super far away but its okay for now. She has said that she was gonna return when it gets warmer. That I do believe. My legs need to be ready cause I have a feeling that I’m gonna be chasing her! its a pleasure to have her back though. Its not like she left but she just got a hold of the wind and headed into a new direction

The Sun Shine Girl

She will Kill me though for showing this picture but I don’t think she’s gonna drive all the way down here to do it. the TT bike she is on is being sold. and she has returned to the Road!

Its Not Over!



There are other people I could mention right now. Some that have Just been Super amazing and that I love dearly! but maybe another time.


Oh one more thing I got to Address the MTC and the Mayor and CATS yesterday! And for those not from Charlotte or in Charlotte who have no clue about what I’m talking about. the MTC = Metropolitan Transportation Commission. CATS = Charlotte area Transit System. It was fun I was nervous!. 3 minuets was enough to say what I needed to say and then convey the over all feeling that I had for the Blue Line Extension. I was not Nervous. I had fun and was well received! in the end the MTC  approved the changed for the Blue Line Extension so it was a good night!

So that’s whats up now time to fight for some more victories!

Its Not Over!

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January is rolling and now is almost over. This month is the month of preparation for everything in the world. Visions are cast for the rest of the year in this month. Businesses form their projections for the year in this month. So we know what goes on in January!

Before I get to the meat of this blog post, you all know I love to give Shout outs. This months Shout Outs go to Hunter Stephenson, Kevin Burgess, and the Junior Queen of them all Addy Alberhardt! They are growing up and going places, and their cycling prowess is unmatched and I am proud to have them in and apart of my Life and all Love and respect to their Parents and support Structure as they continue to Ride, Train, and Kick some serious Booty in the Junior Cycling World and in cycling in the Future!

With that said

Its not over and things have just started to change for everyone. I need to digress though for a moment. The loss of Carla Swart has been tremendous and the out pouring has been heart warming. Even if you never met her and just watched her Race or checked out her Palmeres. The Little Red Head Lady was on her way Up! And you just knew that you were gonna have a hard time trying to catch her when the wind was at her back. She was an original Woman with a massive gifting and talent. Ride on Carla we are right behind you!

From the many teams she raced on to the people she impacted her life is a Testament to achieving and succeeding.

Many will miss Her but the wind that was at her back is still blowing! Who will catch that wind she was riding and take off?  To all the Women who ride and Race bikes Who will Step up and Fill Carla’s Spot?

Donate to the Carla’s Circle Fund

Carla Swart Memorial Scholarship

Lees-McRae College (note Carla Swart Scholarship in the memo line)

Office of Advancement

P.O. Box 128

Banner Elk, NC 28604

With questions about the scholarship, please contact Caroline Hart, vice president for advancement, at (828) 898-8777.

Lets take Care of our Own!

Remember and never forget as we all get down to the Fun and the Business of the 2011 race season.  Support the Ladies this year !

Into the New Year

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I was going to post a blog last month but chose not too. December just kept rolling and rolling along and here it is January 2011.  And now I am trying to get on top of stuff. January Starts off with Me Being alive  and well! Spending time with Friends to bring in the New year and making new friends in the process. 2011 was a year of making new friends for sure. Gotta Love em all! God is Awesome! 1st major victory of the year  Passing the US Cycling lvl. 3 coaching test. I cant tell you how important that was to just pass the thing. which also puts me at ease for Message School coming up but  wont have 4 opportunities to pass the thing. But to be fair if I was still in school I would have passed all 4 times anyway but the USCF really wanted to make sure we passed the test with a decent standard. So its done and passed.  now to get the back ground check done and Paid for and the licence fee  and all should go well. its Time for me to be apart and Give back to the sport that brings me a whole lot of joy.

there are a few other things in the works for me for 2011. I will continue to support Woman’s Cycling on all levels cause it must be done a few events during the 2010 season has driven me in that direction.  Cancer and Specifically Breast Cancer. and this was a year of discovery because i heard enough stories of  Women getting Breast Cancer this year. Staggering yet amazing but heart breaking at the same time. it was a challenge for me to come back from breaking my Hip. I really should not comepare the two but there is life and death in both of these situations or a loss of a limb or something that is apart of us.But I’m on the kicking breast Cancer in the Behind Cause. our Sisters and Mothers and friends do not need to be fighting with that monster.

Flashing Back to 2010 for a moment I gotta Give a massive shout out to the Ladies of the Team Vera Bradly Foundation. although Vera Bradly Foundation did not re up for 2011 it was a honor supporting the team and their successes. I enjoyed it for sure and all though the Ladies have found other teams I will be keeping an eve on them for sure!  2011 is gonna be a hot year. I know I have more to say but that will be in another post tomorrow.  So everyone enjoy the start of a new year and a new decade!

Transition into the Holidays

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On the occasion of the coming Thanksgiving Holiday. Just looking back its been a fun year and a weird year. Also very Transitional year. New friends have  some friends have moved on and others have gotten married, and there have been kids born this year. So much I could say about this year. Thank God for Twitter. I really don’t know what to say to be honest. Just for everyone to have a Good ThanksGiving, And Everyone be safe!  And to all my friends All across the country, Eat well, Ride Well, Train Well, I will see y’all on the other side we gotta get ready for 2011.

Dan Bennett

A New Script!

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If I could write a script for my life i would have no Idea how to do that. Nor would I ever want to. The change that has come to me and am in now has to be on the scale of massive. And although I can look the thing straight in the eyes am just totally unsure which way to go next. I guess its time to Change course! Not like I want to but more on the lines of because I have too to get through this semi rough period. Starting over and rebuilding again aint easy. 

So I’m gonna change the tone here because its been a good week thus far! I made a new friend this past weekend which was really Cool. Brandi is Her Name and she came out of no where. Must thank Weldon haha. He done good anyway. But anyway the girl can ride a bike. Me the old school guy was super impressed she got get up, and power, and she rides really steady. I was happy. Oh and she climbed well another plus! Now I had a planned route to get to Lowes Motor Speedway for the Big stampede this past Sunday. Well she raise the ante and took me on a route that one of the Professors at UNCC gave her to bike to Campus in the university area. So what was 15 miles ended up being 18 miles of which my legs needed I almost got us lost like once. Realised the mistake and then turned around and headed the right way. honestly it felt good having someone to ride with. Had to reign in the normal me that rides by myself and actually think about someone else whose riding with me!. Ahh I miss leading group rides……

The stampede was fun Got to see. Catching up with friends i have not seen in a while is always a good thing. I’m not gonna drop names this time around but it was a good time!

Now for some reason the fact that I like to ride fast came up out of Brandies  mouth a few time. to be honest I like to go fast but this is my off rebuilding season so I was happy to chillax as much as you can with a 12 Speed bike of the steel variety. That bike reminds me of how much i love to climb though. Although on the way home. Brandi got me good a couple of times. index shifting has its advantages for sure!. Now one day soon she and I are supposed to ride together again. Just gotta work around her schedule! 

Poplar Ridge Farms.

The long wait was over and yesterday I was able to receive my free bag of fresh Veggies from Poplar Ridge Farms that I won through a Blynk Organic 2nd anniversary contest this past October. That was totally cool. It was the first time in a really long time that I was able to just enjoy Organically grown vegetables for my self. Fresh from the farm. Clean perfect and sweet! man it was good. I grabbed a few of the greens and just ate them straight raw not cooked or anything. Man it was So good. I can see why vegans and vegetarians are the way they are but I’m not giving up meat. That I do need. must say sorry to my vegetarian friends but meat is worth is, and a necessary thing to have especially in my sport of choice! so I’m gonna have a good time munching on the veggies for as long as I can cause they are just so Good. and next year become a member of Poplar Ridge farms so I can get Fresh Veggies from them for most of the year. Thats an investment that will be worth it for sure!

Checl out their sight the link is to the right!